Trust the universe

What we think and what we say, we create. We are creating our reality at every possible moment. This is a huge revelation and has changed my perspective on life entirely. It sounds easy enough right, let me think in abundance, let me start saying “I am a multi-millionaire.” Life should just fall in line […]

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Change your mind, change your life

I’m sure you’ve heard things like “it’s all in the mindset” or “change your perspective.” I didn’t know how powerful this was until I tried it for myself. I used to hold onto a lot of emotion: depression, anxiety, anger & frustration. It felt like I was carrying all this extra weight around and it […]

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The puzzle pieces to life

Do you have any idea how important you are? Yes, you, the one reading this right now. What I’ve come to realize is, each and every single one of us are just simply phenomenal! We each have different traits, gifts and abilities. Sometimes we may share the same skill, this can bring about negative competition […]

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The Journey Begins

A part of me has always known that there is something bigger than me, something that I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around. Were we really made to get a job, pay bills and die? Is this all there is to our human existence? Why is it that some people are able to attain abundance, […]

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